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Good Vibrations - S.L. Scott

Summer is upon us, at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and the perfect time for Good Vibrations which takes place on the sunny islands of Hawaii.  We all know that with summer, it seems that it’s only natural for the single to be looking for some fun.

The two main characters, Mallory and Evan, meet up pretty quick in the book and that’s not the only thing that seems to get going quickly.  A bit too quickly for my tastes, but hey, can’t say I would have passed up on something as hot as Evan at that age.  She’s recently come out of a relationship and he swears to be a no relationship kind of guy.  I think you all can figure out where this is going.
Feeling a bit 90210, the newer Dallas, and a few other older teen, young adult tv shows, the story actually did grip me.  The sex was hot, but it seemed that the author was still holding back.  I did like the fact that the author made sure of noting that the characters did practice safe sex and it was written in a way that didn’t distract you from what was playing out but kept you riveted to the good stuff.
There’s a lot in this book that grazes through the typical YA/NA summer contemporary romance novel.  Not too many surprises and not too many answers.  But it does offer you well done characters and not just the main ones.  What makes a difference with this one is that you really want to see where it goes.  You’re not just in it for the “hot” scenes, those are bonuses, but you are in it to see where the relationship is going to go and who’s going to screw things up next. 
After having received this as an ARC for a blog review, I applaud the author for going that extra mile and making her characters real, fun and with feelings.  I recommend this to any reader, 17+, who likes a good contemporary novel and doesn’t mind some fun, other than the kind in the sun with a fair share of conflict.
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