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Perfect Flaw -

Perfect Flaw….a collection of short stories that have been described as dystopian in nature but truthfully felt like a trip through The Twilight Zone.  Some of the stories held me, some left me scratching my head and some unfortunately dragged just a little too long.  The majority of the time I had the Rod Serling voice in my head which isn’t really a bad thing because I have always been a fan of his. 

A mixture of different stories, mostly centering on a loss of some sort.  For some it was family, for some it was of themselves, for others it was of freedom.  The stories were all well thought out and the majority hit the mark with providing a good, thought provoking story.  Some even sparked further thoughts of “What if?” even after that particular segment was over. 
Nowadays in literature dystopian has been directly linked as being of a post-apocalyptic world.  This is actually not the reality of what it really is.  Dystopian literature is more than that.  It’s about living with hardships, terrors, oppression that is the opposite of a perfect world.  It can be an alternate world/history or a world that didn’t deal with war at all but evolved into a cultural of oppression.  The stories in this anthology pick up on the classic view of dystopian literature and run with it. 
Something to think about.  100 years ago Earth and it’s societies were quite different than today.  Think of the changes people have gone through.  Back than the thought of something such as a computer would have been considered science fiction, today it is a norm.  Things we think of as being science fiction today will most likely at one point in our history become a norm and the people we are today would be considered medieval.  Our world is every evolving and as such we need to keep ourselves in check to prevent a dystopian world from becoming a norm. 
I recommend this to anyone who likes science fiction, dystopian literature or literature that makes one think about what could be.  I do recommend another round of editing though to correct some grammatical flaws that distract from the story.  I also found that there were times that certain important details were given long after they should have been which made me have to change my whole train of thought.
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