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Satisfying YA Sci Fi Novel

The Samantha Project - Stephanie Karpinske

A contemporary YA science fiction novel that drew me in quickly and ended with me satisfied and ready for the second book in the series.  For those of you who have ever watched the Kyle XY series and enjoyed it, you will find yourself also fixated on this story.   Genetics, romance, betrayal, loss and adventure are blended in perfectly and never fell flat. 

This story starts off with a teen girl, working at the local coffee shop, straight A student, loving life as it is, family focused, football quarterback for a boyfriend who is as perfect as can be, cookie cutter life, early graduation, etc.  Quickly things change.  I found myself crying along with Sam, hurting along with her, wishing I could wrap my arms around her and make her pain go away.  There’s not many stories that wraps me up so emotionally with a character but the author did it seamlessly and without bringing on resentment from me, the reader, for doing such a thing. 
This one is a hard one to review.  Not because of the writing, which is simple but in a smart way, but because as soon as things start changing I would be giving away spoiler after spoiler.   
As I stated, the story drew me in and I really don’t have anything bad to say about it except certain areas just seemed to move to quickly and the bad guys needed a bit more development to them.  Other than that, this story soars.  Yes, there is a lot of science talk, a lot of genetics mumbo jumbo, but the author doesn’t treat you like a genetics flunky, you actually follow along with what is being said and understand what is going on.   
I recommend this to any reader who enjoys a good contemporary science fiction story minus the aliens and sex.  That’s right, no sex here and there’s no place for it.  Another thank you to the author for not feeling they needed to add unnecessary fluff to a story that is extremely intelligent and all around interesting. 
Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/05/review-golden-couple-by-stephanie.html