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Devour - Andrea Heltsley

“He wasn’t supposed to remember.”  A good tag line for this book dealing with a new found lifelong love and an accident that could change that outcome.  A very sexy cover that fits well with the tragic event and invites the reader in.  Devour.  That’s what I did with this book from start to finish.

A vampire story dealing with lust, love and all the clichés, this story starts off bumpy but like turbulence in an airplane, eventually settles down and takes you for an exciting trip.  A quick, exciting read, you must first get over some shoddy dialogue in the beginning before you can settle into the story.  Later on I found myself distracted by the lackadaisical attitude of one of the characters but just kind of shelved him until I really needed to feel his character more.

An interesting twist on the vampire mating stories that have sprung up all over the place since the movie which must not be named.  You get a good feel of the attraction of the true mates and feel like a bit of a voyeur at times, but not in a way that would turn you off to the story.  You find yourself cheering them on and thinking that the other characters just need to get over themselves.

I would recommend this to the more mature YA crowd, say 16+, just because of all the innuendos involved.  The story itself does not get graphic, but there’s plenty of steam to go around.  If you like YA style vampire stories, this book is for you.  I believe this is a standalone book, but really hope that the author goes back to it and continues the story of Cassie and Cody.  I would think that Hannah has plenty of rage to do whatever it takes to make their life a bit of a living hell. 

Please check out the author’s blog.  She has many book projects in the works and I can’t wait to read them all!  http://www.andreaheltsley.blogspot.com/

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