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Modern Twist on Superman

Twisted (Volume 1) - KayCee R

I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.


Twisted…a modern day Superman story, minus the alien side and all the other aliens.  Super-fast, super strong and after a bit a whole bunch more abilities are discovered.  An orphaned teenage boy who finds a whole new world opened up to him by chance and also finds that there is more to his heritage than he could ever imagine.


I found this story to actually be quite unique, especially with the book world flooded with every type of paranormal possibility at the moment.  The author brings you not only into the story of Cayden’s abilities, but also into everyday life.  You learn what makes Cayden tick, what makes him get out of the bed in the morning (even if he doesn’t realize it), and what has shaped him through the years and what his future possibilities are. 


The author brought forth a great depiction of the typical teenage boy.  Yeah, he wasn’t completely typical, but the teen romance, angst, trust issues, friendships were well written.  He was the underdog that didn’t let life get him down, he pushed through, you knew where his loyalties rested and as a reader, I cheered him on every step of the way.


What I didn’t like was that there seemed to be a bit of fluff put into the story to make it longer, to stretch the story throughout some of the chapters.  Too much description that made me just say, okay already, we get it now get on with the story.  Even through that though, I looked forward to seeing where the story was going to go.


There is the evil “villain” in the story.  From early on I had a feeling that this one individual and his cronies had ulterior  motives, and at times thought, okay, maybe not, but in the end my feelings were correct but I didn’t expect it to go down the way it did.  Great storytelling going on throughout the book that when this did happen, as a reader I was not disappointed but quite the opposite.  I was completely attached to the book and flew through the pages to the point that the book ended.  Oh, but what did my eyes spy?  YES!  A blurb for Book 2!  Woot!  Woot!


If you like a bit of human Superman, or should I say Super Teen Boy, mixed with a bit of paranormal, thrown in with romance, secrets and thrills, than this book is for you.  I do recommend that with the amount of teen drinking that is described in this book that the reader should be 16+. 



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