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Egypt Rising - Stan Schatt

This book is an ingenious YA novel that will pull at the reader’s imagination and keep them entranced throughout.  Even when there is a moment of inaction, there’s descriptions of things going on, definition of character development and more that fills in the gaps seamlessly.  And even though the main character is a girl, there’s enough going on that will have both genders enthralled.


This book brings alive the mystical mysteries of the Egyptian culture, past and present.  A revolution, spiders, secret passages, paranormal happenings, knowledge of the ancients and adventure awaits the reader.  I found myself wishing there was some good Egypt shows on cable to keep my curiosity piqued.


The main character, Olivia, finds herself faced with new discoveries not just underground but right there in her life.  Things that she thought were black and white turn out to be a bit different and one of her social enemies turns out to be much closer to her than either every knew.  Other people in her life, that she trusted, are also found to be covering up the truth of themselves until the time is right for them to strike.  So many changes she goes through in such a short time.


I felt that some of the actions were a bit disconnected from the actual moments involved.  There wasn’t a direct flow that was needed and made some of the story a bit harder to actually envision.  There were also some grammatical errors here and there that sidetracked me enough to distract me from the story itself.  Other than that, this story is one that wraps the reader up and doesn’t let go until way after the last page.


This is definitely a good YA book that will attract any reader of Egyptian lore.  I also feel that this touches bases well for anyone who has an interest in social unrest stories and anyone who is just looking for a good, action filled read.  I will be recommending this to my own children, who range in the ages of 15-20 and would recommend this to voracious readers as young as 12. 

Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-of-stan-schatts-egypt-rising.html