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Paranormal Whodunit that Satisfies

Mirror of Shadows - T. Lynne Tolles, Aleksie O'Konner, Erin Potter

A paranormal whodunit that grabbed me, pulled me into the book and didn't let go until the last word of the last page.  A quick read, but a satisfying read.  The author, respecting the readers time, gives enough of a back story to start off with that you can go forward quickly.  A story within a story.  A mirror that provides visions into the past.  Betrayals, romance, sabatoge, and mystery wrap this story all into a finely done package.

I want to thank the author for providing me a copy for an honest review.  A secret gem that shines on its own.  Why only 4 stars?  I pretty much figure out early on who was behind all the attacks, but it didn't take away from the ending at all.  I would have liked just a bit more mystery, a bit more of tagging me along trying to guess who was the bad guy.

Ella's mother is a basketcase.  That being said, she didn't seem to find a solid place in the story.  Now, if the author proceeds further with this storyline, I can see where she could fit in later, but in this book she could have just been left out altogether.  

Do I recommend this book?  Yes!!!  To who?  Anyone who likes a good mystery, from 6th grade through the age of 100.   The paranormal hold part of the story, but there's so much more to it than that.

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