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January Black - Wendy S. Russo

I just recently finished reading January Black, received from the author for an honest review, and my head is still spinning.  So much to wrap my mind around and I'm loving every moment just thinking about it.  I haven't read such a thought provoking book of fiction in a long time.


Strong characters, strange gadgets, leaders, secrets, betrayals, love, hope, disappointment, intrigue, leading up to the answer of what was January Black and proceeding to a whole other story of who is Matty Ducayn.


I really enjoyed this story but I found myself a little confused on the imagery of the story.  What I thought things looked like at first turned out to be totally different and than when I switched my thinking, things took even another turn.  This took a little from the story from me, but not enough to distract me from the story as a whole.  I wanted to know more about what was going on, whenever I had a spare moment I was picking it up and reading.  Sometimes this got me as far as a page, but that brought me one page closer to answers.


I loved Iris.  Spunky, spirited, head strong, loving and knowing what she wanted out from life.  When you hear the saying that behind every good man is a good woman, this is Iris.  Matty, well, he started off with some issues and quirkiness but as his relationship with Iris grew he seemed to grow in his own maturity and a bumpy road became smoother for him.  The King has you scratching your head every once in awhile trying to figure him out. 


Now Wendy Russo really threw me for a loop.  Some of the things she did with her characters really felt like a punch in the gut, but you eventually find out why they did what they did.  Not saying you still don't feel like taking out some personal revenge on them if you had the chance, but the emotional stronghold eventually becomes peaceful.  There was even a place, which I wasn't expecting, that made me a bit watery eyed.  The emotional rollercoaster than Ms. Russo put me on was well played.


Do I recommend this book?  Yes I do.  I give it 4 1/2 stars, and if I wasn't trying to figure out some of the clothing, structures, etc, I would have given it 5.  This isn't an action packed story, but it moves like one.  There is never a dull moment and your brain is constantly on the go with it. 


Well done Ms. Russo, well done.  You did not let me down and I look forward to reading more books from you in the future.