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Love Story with Depth

The Prelude - KaSonndra Leigh

“…the prelude is the part of a song that pulls you in, hypnotizing you with beauty.  The beginning of a song hooks people inside its spell and never lets the person go until the last note trickles through their mind.”  A fitting quote from the book that takes the simple notion, intertwines it into a love story full of depth and leaves you even thinking about it after you read the last words.


The Prelude is about two people from opposite worlds, both with secrets and both trying to find a way to fix the broken parts of themselves.  The author draws you into the story with characters that you want to know more about.  Characters that you find yourself vested in from the time you meet them.  Throughout the story you feel their despair, their attraction, their needs while also feeling that sinking feeling of knowing that there’s more to their life stories that want to touch the surface but keep getting buried time and time again.


Erin, a designer, unkowningly meets the maestro aka Alek Dostov that has hired her design house to create the costumes for his upcoming production.  Over the course of a few uncomfortable mishaps she discovers who he is.  The sparks are there from the beginning, but we get to see the characters wrestle with their inner demons while they being a relationship, working and otherwise, together.  Not only do you experience that, but you also feel the characters changing, evolving, and coming to grip with reality through each page.  It’s not very often you get to experience this with such a poetic flow.


While this is not my usual genre, I enjoyed it and recommend across the board.  I am only giving 4 stars though, because there are parts of the story that even though there are meanings behind why they are in it, the story would have done better with them in the background and not touched on as they were.  In the end, it made for a bumpy ride at times but I would happily get back on and go for another round.


There are some explicit sex scenes, so I recommend this to a more mature New Adult reader.

Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-prelude-musical-interlude-1-by.html