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The Space Between

The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff The story opens with Daphne, who is half-angel and half-demon, daughter of Lucifer, and a great description of her home in hell, also known as Pandemonium. Daphne is basically a teenager. She enjoys tv shows and earthly items, but she has no urge to actually go there. She has a number of sisters and one brother, Obie. Her sisters are basically succubus'. Her brother works in a hospital.Daphne's world gets tossed on end after he brother, who had decided to leave hell for good, goes missing. With all thoughts of her brother, she goes to modern day earth. She locates the one human she knows has met her brother. This boy, Truman, is a mess.Truman...that's one teen boy, who with everything you learn about, would be a great book in itself. After his mother passed away, he fell into a great depression. With this brought an attempted suicide, which in turn brought upon him night terrors courtesy of Azael, an archangel. Besides the depression, he is now afraid to sleep, driving him further into darkness, alchohol abuse, heavy smoking, etc.Daphne finds him, gets him back on the track of the living, and their adventure begins. Daphne deals with loss and awakenings while Truman deals with the previously unknown, and together they find their way to Obie. In their way to Obie, they discover his infant daughter, which is unlike any baby ever seen on earth. They deal with Daphne's cousin and also find themselves having a demon in common.The story is full of ups and downs, and I don't just mean the emotional ones. There are times when it seems that the author took a temporary detour, than realized it, and wound her way back to the story. Near the end of the book, it felt a little erratic. A couple times it felt like the story was coming to an end and than would start off again. Almost as if the author had finished it, than decided she didn't want it to end that way and added more. Maybe she had considered a sequel than decided not to, or it's just the way it turned out. I enjoyed the imagery and the story line. Some of the angel/demon info was a bit confusing, but that may just be me. The romantic conflict, and the bringing back from the dead really held my interest. I do recommend this for any reader who is interested in angels, demons, conflict, romance, etc.