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Fire Country (The Country Saga, #1)

Fire Country - David Estes It's been a few hours since I finished reading Fire Country and let me tell you, I've read several of David Estes books and his writing just keeps getting better and better. I was originally given this book by the author for an honest review, but half way through it was released to the public and I than outright bought it.The authors imagination, it makes me think that he'd be fun as all get out at a party, brought me right into the land of Fire Country. I laughed a few times, just from the sheer outrageous things that the author came up with that fit so well with the story line. Not only did I laugh from that, but I laughed with the characters. I was angry with them, embarrassed with them, tortured with them and I cried with them. This story touches on some other stories I've read, but doesn't feel like a rehash. Our world years after a meteor hit shows a civilization not unlike our Indian ancestors. Villages ruled by the men who makes the rules as they see fit, who some view women as nothing more than breeders. Forced "marriages", true love scorned, nothing but what's "best" for the village. Our main character Siena endures so much through this book. A girl we meet as a Youngling but by the end of the book has matured not only in her status but with life experiences. She deals with the ultimate betrayals from someone who she knew could be cruel, but never thought he could be quite that cruel. The losses she endures is made up in the gains she earns, one by one. There are plenty of twists in this book, a big one that I did not see coming, but David, thank you for it. I'm sure you know which one it is. It truly tore me up, tears of joy streaked my cheeks and a heaviness I didn't realize I was carrying during reading was quickly and tenderly lifted. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good read. You have action, romance, stubbornness, conflicts, all while enjoying a new world that is perfectly painted before you. On a last note, David, you thought I'd think you lost it with Perry. I didn't, I loved it. I think all of us can say that at one time or another we've had a Perry in our lives.