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An Ordinary Boy - Brian Centrone


I wish to thank the authors publicist, Liz Donatelli, for providing me a copy of this book for review.

This is a contemporary LGBT New Adult novel.  It's the first I've really read that truly centered on more than just on one aspect of the community.  The book started out a bit dry, college freshman, knows he's a homosexual but hasn't come out to anyone but his best friend.  The first several chapters of the book were nearly monotone and I wasn't sure where it was going to go.  As soon as he comes out to his family, BAM, the story picks up and cruises right along.

It was interesting to see the character development and evolution of Tom.  From quiet Ivy League type to deciding that he had enough of not being able to be the person he is and breaking through the walls that he had put up around himself.  The selfish mistakes he made, the friendships made and lost and renewed.  Coming to grips with his sexuality full circle.  Dealing with the ignorance and coming out a better person.

Getting to know Tom, I did feel that the author went completely off course with him at a point and don't feel that the Tom we are presented with and learn about and grow to care for would have treated himself as poorly as he did with a certain partner.  I found that particular area a bit distasteful and totally unlike what this person would have done.  It was completely out of character and just didn't jive right with the history and self respect I had been presented with as a reader. 

Get past the monotone areas, the areas that just don't seem to flow and you will find that all in all, this is a good story and one that needs to be heard.  It gives the straight reader an understanding of the hesitation of those who are LGBT have with society and hopefully opens the eyes of readers who are educating themselves into acceptance, understanding and caring.  I recommend this to everyone 16 and older.

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