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Unintentional Virgin - A.J. Bennett

A huge thank you to the author for providing me a copy of this book for an honest review.


Like the title suggests, our main character Karma is an unintentional virgin.  Like a hex has been put on her, whenever she got the chance to lose her virginity something happened to ruin it.  I’m not talking anything paranormal, just life stuff, things that many of us have experienced growing up.  Karma is just turning 20, a bit of a loner and low on self-confidence so it’s not like she’s really given herself the best options so far.


The story gripped me.  It reminded me a bit of a girl I knew in high school who just gave her virginity up so she could get on with life.  Luckily it didn’t happen like that to Karma.  Karma, for those who are in child bearing age and those coming up to that time, please put some thought into the naming of your child.  What you think is cute and a little unusual can make for a hell of a time for your child during the traumatic coming of age years.  Anyway, I wasn’t so sure at first if I was going to really like the story because Karma was just a bit to flippant in the whole giving up her V-card that at first I was thinking she was just another careless young adult who thought that nothing in life was precious.  Thankfully I was wrong.


The story between Karma and Jax has its moments of fun, passion, shyness, and freedom.  Two young adults who just sparked from the get go but with certain self-imposed restrictions that were a bit trying on them at times.  Those three weeks together were intense and they learn from one another what some couples never do.  As a couple they do a lot of fun things and also happen on some scary moments that would try any relationship.  The author provided their actions with grace and dignity.  In the end, Karma was able to take what she learned from Jax and make a huge turning point in her life with another who should have been close to her but wasn’t by a long shot.


Now, the story wasn’t without its flaws.  Being that I received this as a file, I’m unsure if my issues had been cleared up in the formal copy.  Not enough commas.  I know, usually it’s the opposite but too many times sentences had to be read and reread and reread again until it made sense.  Oh, and the sci-fi geek in me is coming out.  There’s a point, early in the book where the author makes reference to Karma’s friend making her sit through a whole season of Firefly.  For anyone who knows Firefly, there has always been only one season of that show.  It was cancelled but has a huge fan following.  Another issue I had was the author speaking of Jax “spilling his seed”; this sounds like one of my mom’s Harlequins from about 25-30 years ago.  Now, these are simple flaws so that should tell you that all in all, this book is an amazing read.


I recommend this to anyone who likes a good NA contemporary romance with sexual tensions running high and when the getting gets good you feel like a cold shower is in order.  I look forward to reading more from this author. 



Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/10/review-of-unintentional-virgin-by-aj.html