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Riley's Curse (A Moon's Glow Prequel)

Riley's Curse - Christina  Smith For anyone who knows me, you know that werewolves just aren't my thing. I am a fan of the unusual, but the mythological beast by night, human by day can bring the slow yawn of boredom to an upbeat day. I applaud Christina Smith for smacking down that yawn and shoving it from the furthest recess of my mind, for bringing back the power of the werewolf, for bringing this genre back to life for me.As the title states, this novella is about the curse that is brought unto Nathaniel Riley in the worst way. His life suspended, his love lost, his family unable to stay intact for fear the truth would be uncovered. Unlike most books, this prequel brings the reader right along with Nathaniel through the years. We hurt with him, we discover with him, we feel his pain, we feel his families pain, we understand his fear, we find ourselves one with Nathaniel. As I finished the prequel, I went straight into the first full length book of the Moon's Glow series, Riley's Secret. Stay tuned, once I'm done with that one, I will be back with another review, and I'm hoping that the story is as good as it's beginning.