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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Beautiful Creatures: A southern town boy, Ethan, meets up with the new outcast arrival, Lena. Beautiful, but too different for the natives to accept. To Ethan and Lena's surprise, they find that they can connect with each other through their thoughts. Slowly, the find themselves in love with one another.Ethan, born and raised in the town, has lost his mother and lives with his father, who barely leaves his study, and Amma, the woman who takes care of the family. Until Lena came to town, basketball pretty much was his thing. Lena is niece of Macon Ravenwood, who most have never seen, but was pretty much dubbed the scary old man who lived in the scary old house. She is full of secrets.Lena opens up to Ethan about being a Caster. Her entire family is some type of Caster. Think of witch, shapeshifters, that type of paranormal, but not all in one person. Each person has their own special powers. Caster have been there for hundreds of years, but only a small part of the population knows about it, and those that do know, keep it secret.On a Casters 16th birthday, they are bound to be either Light or Dark. Most of Lena's family is Light, but she has seen her beloved cousin go Dark. Lena's parents are dead, or so she is told.Lena's biggest fear is that she will go Dark. She fears losing everything. She fears losing Ethan.For too many pages of the book, Lena struggles with this. There are bits of Carrie in the school dance fiasco, and a bit of Harry Potter mixed in with the every changing house and a few other parts.Finally the day comes of Lena's birthday. Under the full moon, she comes face to face with her sadistic mother Sarafine, who as a Natural and pure Dark put into one makes for one bad lady. Along with this comes the revelation that a person can choose if they go Light or Dark. But the worse part, is that if they go Light ALL the light casters in the family die. Her uncle lets her know that he didn't tell her because he didn't want her to choose to be dark just to save the lives of a few. The battle goes forth, Lena against Sarafine. Lena seeing the destuctive force in her mother, and deciding to go light. But before she can formally choose, Sarafine kills Ethan. Lena and Amma come together with the Book of Moons, to bring Ethan back to life, but with the consequence that another has taken his place in death. Ethan comes back to life, the moon has disappeared, and a loved on is dead, along with some unloved ones. This brings it into the 2nd book of the series, Beautiful Darkness.For those of you looking for a quick read, this is not for you. It was quite a drawn out process to get to the good part, that than shoots off like a rocket. I am now really looking forward to see what the second book brings to the table. Hopefully with all the backstories done, the story will be more streamlined and interesting.