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Island of Temptation

Island of Temptation - Claire Thompson A high school love story mixed with the sweet emotions, thoughts, hopes and dreams of those finding their way in the world. Abby, a high school senior, is dating Brady. She should be happy, but part of her is wondering what's missing. She finds her thoughts going back to Lucas. Her best friend since childhood and ex-boyfriend. The story takes off from there. In the midst of all this is Abby's mother, her 15 year old sister Sarah, her best friend Brooke and her formerly absent father. There are touching moments mixed in with betrayals from both sides which all mix well with each other. An interesting story, I found myself distracted by the writing. There were times I didn't know until the end of the sentence who was actually talking, having to go back and reread to get it straight. Towards the end we find out what is holding Abby back, and it just seemed to be thrown together, not really smoothed into the story, it was more of a hinderance to the story itself. The way the characters talked to their mother, and in front of their mother, without any repercussions from the mother, that seemed a bit out there too. A little polishing and futher editing of the story and writing would bring this book up in my ratings.Annie Brewer shows a lot of talent with her debut novel. I look forward to reading her next offering to the literary world.