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A Troubled Range (Stories from the Range)

A Troubled Range  - Andrew  Grey It's been awhile since a book has affected me to the point of tears. Just Remember to Breathe did this to me time and time again. Having spent 10 years in the military myself, than my husband spending 20+ himself, with tours into just about every Mideastern terrorist stronghold, I could connect with both Alex and Dylan. I feel that, especially during these times, it's a love story many can, will and have related to. The chapters split, his thoughts, her thoughts, his life, her life, was done extremely well. Each chapter pickup up where the other left off without leaving things for interpretation. Each having depth but not over doing the other. A story within a story enfolding before you. As a reader, you want answers to some nagging questions. The author tells the story so well that you aren't frustrated by this. You get your answers when it's time. Not too early and not too late. Mistakes are called out, plans are put into place, memories share, terrors spoken and a family hug that puts you directly into Alex's body and you feel like you are right there being hugged and taken care of. You will come away looking at index cards in a total new light. Trust me on this one. Do I recommend this book? Yes...yes I do. To whom? Everyone. All genders and to no particular lovers of a certain genre. This is a story that shook me to the core and left me breathless. The genre is New Adult, but other than a situation which is thwarted before it goes to far, I'm not 100% feeling it should be in that category. It's a book that surpasses categories. I feel anyone from the age of 16 to the ripe old age of 100+ will love this story.