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The Second Sign

The Second Sign - Elizabeth Arroyo I've read a few angel and demon books in the past couple of years; Hush Hush, A Beautiful Dark and Rapture come to mind. There have been the stories of good vs evil, light vs dark, fallen angels, demons running amok, etc. This story combines elements of all these if a way that creates a chaotic unique story that can be read in any given time and still holds all its elements in place.Gabby and her twin brother Max, have been motherless since birth. Their father is nonexistent and their guardian, who only seems to be around for Max, is more a background presence than a nurturing figure. This seems to leave Gabby getting into trouble more times than not. For the summer she is basically on her own at the summerhouse in a small community. An outsider and his sister end up there for the summer too, again without supervision and this is where the story plays out.From the beginning I found myself rooting for Gabby, with all her problems and nobody to turn to. Going through the changes she has dealt with in her family and their heritage would not be easy for anyone, and for someone also going through the natural confusions of the teen years this amplified things ten fold. She needed someone there for her, she needed someone to confide in, someone to protect her, someone to just be there for her and she was left to her own devices. Jake, strong willed, compassionate, and also dealing with an unusual home life, was the perfect match for her. The story had many twists in the story, and sometimes I had to reread paragraphs to get the full picture, as it should be, in focus. There were a few times that things could have been resolved by just telling someone what they saw or just by picking up the phone that just didn't seem to fit right. Characters were brought in than quickly brought out that could have just stayed out entirely and made things flow a bit more. There were also times that things were explained all over again, just a paragraph or two later that seemed to distract me from what was actually happening in the story.As I had said earlier, this story resonates to the point that I could have read this twenty years ago or come back and read again twenty years from now and the characters, scenery, story would not be futuristic nor outdated. The story itself combines romance, personal conflicts, theological beings, action, regrets and wraps itself into a package that is hard to peel oneself away from. It makes you think about things but not in a bible thumping sort of way and paves the way into a possible next phase of the story while also leaving you content if the story ends here. Do I recommend this book? Yes, but not for just anybody. This book is not for someone looking for a light read. This book has some very dark moments in it and some very deep issues being dealt with. Fans of The Exorcist, or any scary movie like that, this book is right up your alley. Fans of The Left Behind series, again, this would satisfy you. For those of you wondering, I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving a book this way does not hinder me from being totally honest.