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Wolf Spell: Book One (Volume 1)

Wolf Spell: Book One - M R Polish Witches, warlocks, vampires, shape shifters, guardian, wolf spirits…what more could a person want? Sorry, not werewolves. But this book does not lack in the paranormal. Oh no, it’s packed full from start to finish. Sometimes a bit too much, because I started getting confused in places with so much going on.The prologue gives you just a taste of the back story, just enough that you can understand certain things in the present day. The start of the actual book is Arabeth at her mother s funeral, certain things happen; we meet Victor in a not so convenient way and see just a glimpse of Arabeth’s powers which are unknown to her. Okay, I’ve got to touch on something here. Arabeth is 18. Somehow her “parents” were able to hide from her that fact that she has powers. This I just don’t get. She has an accidental power moment at the funeral. How could she not have had numerous episodes prior without realizing something was just not right?From here the story takes off like a rocket. The action is pretty non-stop and the reader is learning something new in every chapter. Some of the emotions are a bit off. I mean, if you found out the people who raised you weren’t really your parents and what you were taught of your family turned out to be a big lie, I think there would have been a lot of soul searching, words, etc. going on, but there really wasn’t. There are so many different layers to this book that it’s hard to touch on one without having to go into another and then the domino effect happens and bam, you’ve told all the good stuff. Love, loyalty, betrayal, secrets, etc. This book wraps everything you could want into it and still makes you want to come back for more.