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Ice Country - David Estes

Oh my!  There are many authors out there, there are few authors who write one blockbuster and there are even fewer authors who just keep writing blockbuster after blockbuster.  Think about it, what authors have you read consistently because their books are just that good?  Ah, you’re list just dwindled a bit, didn’t it?  Well, it’s amazing how David Estes lit a flame with his Evolution series and there’s no water out there that’s near to suffocating his literary inferno which includes his latest, Ice Country!

The characters that David Estes has come up, the just right description in his story, action scenes that make you forget to breath as your flipping page after page totally intent in the story just makes me hungry for his next adventure.  Just when you think he’s gone his fullest with story and anything else left will be just fluff, WOOSH!  That’s the sound of the rug being pulled out from under your feet with a MAJOR turning point.

If you haven’t read Fire Country, I highly suggest you read it first.  The story of Ice Country is full of characters and references from Fire Country.  To get the complete understanding and impact of the intertwined story, you must read that first or you will not only be a bit confused, you will lose much of the meanings peppered throughout the book.

Ice Country introduces you to a society that corresponds time wise with Fire Country.  You learn the Ice Country ways, their districts, habits, and hardships while going feet first into a story of loss, family, friendship, betrayal and love.  Love…love of family, love of friends, love of life, love of the heart.  You feel the characters coming off the page and working their magic as if they are right there before your eyes.

Not only do you have a combination of Ice Country and Fire Country, but there are references to the Glassies and you are introduced to The Stormers.  Introduced…it’s more like tossed into a blizzard with them.  That part of the story is so well written that it amazes me that the author has not been snatched up by one of the big publishing houses.  You go from reading a really good story to feeling like you are right there in the middle of the hellish battle.

Do I recommend this story?  Seriously?  Yes!  I recommend this to everyone.  This is a story that anyone could get caught up into and with nobody finishing unsatisfied.   Next up in the Country Saga is book 3, Water & Storm Country, on June 7, 2013.  Ooooo…..that’s less than three months away!  Awesome!

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