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The Psychology of Dexter (Psychology of Popular Culture)

The Psychology of Dexter (Psychology of Popular Culture) - Indulge is the second book in the Warm Delicacy series. What I love about this series is that each book takes off right after the other ends. I know this for sure because I’ve started the newest and third book in the series, Devour.Claire is taken by Arrick to meet her real family. Her actual vampire mother and father. Yes, she is one of the rare humans who were born from vampire parents. Not only is this rare, she is also doubly rare, because she was than turned by vampires into a vampire herself. So not only does she have her biological parents blood coursing through her, she also has her kidnappers blood and her Blood Guard’s blood mixed in. What does this create? A vampire like nobody has every encountered and with abilities and skills that present themselves during different times and some are still unknown.Claire is welcomed back to her original home with open arms. She also finds that the townspeople do not feel threatened by the royal vampires, but hold them as equals. This is something very new to Claire who has seen how humans felt about the vampires and some of the vampires felt of the humans in the region she has left behind.Haunted by Anna and with increasing signs that the Dark is near, Claire learns how to fight. She learns how to hone her vampire senses and how to respond with the abilities her vampire body gives her. She learns basic to advanced movements of battle which proves to be a rather great advantage when the followers of the Dark present themselves before they were expected.I give this book 3.5 stars. Again, Megan Duncan has created a vampire world that I can enjoy, but not without some bumps here or there. Some of the structure of paragraphs were found to be a bit jumpy and I found myself rereading them, and changing them around a bit to make them work just right. The story did drag a bit, I didn’t find the connection between Claire and Bennet very real and there were other things that just didn’t make me feel like it should have. Do I recommend this book? Absolutely, and not because I received it in exchange for an honest review, but because it’s a good story and connects wonderfully with the story brought to us in Savor.