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Fateful - Claudia Gray Claudia Gray has done it again with Fateful. She has taken a subject,the Titanic. which has spawn many books and movies, and made it her own, without disrepecting those that lost their lives or loved ones that night.Fateful is the story of love. Love that is a secret, love that defies society, and love that defies nature. Tess is a servant girl of a rich family who is secretly going broke. The family has decided to go to America, the mother hoping to marry her daughter into high society American money. The daughter secretly in love with one her family would not approve of. On the Titanic, Tess finds herself in real danger. She has become the focus of a very dangerous werewolf, who tries to use her to get what he wants from the family she works for. She also finds another werewolf suddenly in her life who she falls madly in love with, Alec. I found the story original in many ways, but also a bit typical. Servant girl and rich boy fall in love. That is a story line done many times. But when the rich boy is a werewolf and whose father only cares about his sons happiness, well that brings the layer of originallity that lacks in many other stories. I found myself really Alec's father. The author gave me the feeling that the father really loved his son, you could feel the feelings of the father. Even though he isn't a main character, the author doesn't skimp on any of the characters. I wasn't fully blown over with Mikhail. I felt that someone so devious and evil could have gotten what he wanted without the use of Tess, Alec or Layton. With all his "connections" I would have thought that he could have gotten the dagger with no one the wiser. And with his strength and position, he could have killed Tess off without batting an eye.Tess is a headstrong young woman, who knows the position she is in, knows she wants out of the life she is living, and is well on her way to get out of it upon arrival to America. She was not looking for love, conflict, friendship nor anything out of the ordinary. She is a servant girl who knows she is better than how she is treated by her employer. As a lower class citizen she has seen how life is, she has lived through disappointments, but has done nothing to lower herself to how the employers have lowered their staff to. She is knowledgable,respectful and persistant. This is a woman who will outshine everyone, know matter what kind of situation she finds herself in. This is a true heroine. Alec is a man stuck with a life he didn't ask for. Made into a werewolf in the prime of his young adult life, unable to live a normal life. His instant connection with Tess is heartwarming and page turning. His battle to keep his humanity intact as much as possible, opposing The Brotherhood, kept me rooting for him. I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked how Ms Gray developed her werewolf story. There were basic elements of the supernatural, but mixed with a suspenseful love story. We all know what happens to the Titanic, so it was interesting to see how the story lead up to the tragic sinking and the aftermath. The author kept the historical facts intact, not just with the Titanic, but with how servants lived during that time. One thing I really liked, was that even though the story dealt with werewolves, it didn't overtake the book. There are multiple stories going on at once, multiply layers of interets. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good love story. Enjoy!