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The Prophecy

The Prophecy - Rachel Deagan As I started reading this book my thoughts lingered towards Stephen King’s “Firestarter” after reading a bit more, I considered a bit of X-men influence mixed in, and even further I started thinking about the TV show “Roswell” which I really loved and still do. A beginning mix of scifi is tossed to the wind with a heavy dose of fantasy. We meet the characters one by one. Devin, who is trying to outrun the bad guys, fails but in a different way. Jacey, who is a quiet wallflower one minute and hell on wheels the next because she has to be. Michael, who seems to know what is going on when nobody else does. The three, created by The Project, are called the Star Children and each has their own special abilities. A mix of “races” that were created to “bring the world to a new consciousness” but are now being hunted.Heading to Amid, a “hub between the worlds”, the three find themselves anything but safe. In a strange land, with even stranger’s life beings and features around them, they find answers along with questions. Wrongs are brought out into the open, families are reunited, some good and some bad. A mystical crystal, an alien type gps, is able to locate the energies of certain individuals. Use of the crystal benefits knowing who is coming and where people are going. This is essential knowledge as they hide from those trying to capture them.As I read through the book, I found myself dealing with some head scratching moments. When you think that the characters would be freaking out a bit, they are actually really calm. Than when you think, ok, after being calm about everything else, why are they freaking out now? The three of them are brought together quickly near the beginning of the story and the story itself only last but a few days but there is way too much instant companionship and a romance that just happens way to fast.I recommend this book to those who like a bit of fantasy. I don’t recommend this book to anyone who is going through a difficult time that may cause them to be a bit mentally and emotionally unsure of themselves. The subject of suicide shows up throughout this book and the ending could cross the fine line for some individuals. Other than that, it’s an enjoyable read.