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When You Give a Duke a Diamond

When You Give a Duke a Diamond  - Shana Galen 4.5 stars! A big THANK YOU to the author for providing me a copy for review. I couldn't put this book down. I was more tired than my kids their first day of school because I knew if I stopped reading I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.To know what was going to happen to you the day before, how cool would that be? To actually dream the next day, even cooler. Knowing if the boy you were checking out was going to talk to you, to know if your team was going to win or not, what halls to avoid, etc. To have this happen for years than almost as suddenly just stop. How confusing and at loss one would be to live the unknown like every other person. Than to meet a guy, one who makes your heart flutter, who is there like a knight in shining armor, the kind of guy who isn't like the others, who you want to know more about, who you are drawn to, than to find out that he's the reason your dreams have stopped. Why? If I told you, what fun would that be? Two young lovers, one dreams of the future, one dreams of darkness, one has the courage to stand up to Fate, one is there to provide strength. Who will be left standing?The story grabbed me from the first paragraph and never let go. I could feel the doubts, the heartaches, the need, the love, the pain, the coldness and the lightness. Some of the story reminded me of the movie Final Destination, but the author creates so much more,takes it that one step further that brings it from good to superb. I can't wait to read the second book in the series, Lucid.