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Aces Up

Aces Up - Lauren Barnholdt I had received this book several months ago, I think I won it in a contest. It was still pretty much in a raw form at that time. Generic cover, etc. Since than I had kept up with the author through Facebook and purchased her Stained series. During this time Here received a facelift. The gorgeous cover really caught my eye, ok, it helps that the majority of the cover is an eyecatching hottie. Anyway, around the same time I participated in the cover release of Trapped and decided to purchase the updated edition of Here. I started hearing more and more about Here and with the push of an upcoming blog tour I'm participating in, for the Here trilogy, I finally read it. I am so glad that I did and I want to kick myself in the rump for not doing so sooner!For those that know me, I love YA books. I'm not big on all the YA/NA romance, but I love me a good scifi or paranormal read. Ok, I'm a nerd girl when it comes to those genres and Here made my nerd girl go into overload!The story starts out after a group of teen girls have a typical sleepover/slumber party. The story centers around one particular girl, Milo Mitchell. All the girls are pretty much from wealthy families and a nice change in this story is that the wealth is by trade and not by lineage, so you don't find yourself rolling your eyes at the characters. What does set her apart is that her father died two years prior. She had gone through some tough times to get back to normalcy and the story pretty much starts after she's found that neutral ground. Milo's normal day suddenly takes a turn to the not so normal, while she's in the woods. At this point the story goes from giving you info of the past to off and running with the present. Mile, a boy she calls Nick and their adventure starts. Through this story we are shown events that just aren't your normal daily happenings. We get a feel for the working wealthy class, the overpriveleged teens, life other than that on earth and so much in between. We meet up with present day Men in Black, government research facilities, raids, clueless wannabe MIB's, etc. We find ourselves on the run with an ending that doesn't answer your questions, but not in a way that ruins it for you. It's a cliffhanger that will stick with you until the second book Trapped comes out. Honestly I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. I knew there were going to be certain paranormal/alien type elements, but the way it was packaged made this story fresh and put the reader into the story. When the characters were out of breath, I felt the same. When they were anxious, I was anxious. Not many writers can pull the reader into the story at such a level and keep them there to the end. Even when I put the book down and came back, BAM, I was sucked right back in.Ella James has scored big with this one.