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The Water Wars

The Water Wars - Cameron Stracher First off, like many, I love the cover. Very eye catching. From there, I got into the story quickly. I found the quick relationship between Vera, Will and Kai a little forced. With life the way it is in the book, I would think it would take a bit longer for the father to allow Kai into his home, especially with some of the things Kai would say about the governments. I had a hard time pinpointing Vera's age. At times she seemed young and other times more mature. Maybe it was planned that way, being she didn't remember a lot of the times before the Water Wars.Speaking of the Water Wars. It is an interesting concept, one that I could see one day happening, with our world's governments being so held bent on getting only what they want and giving their citizens the scraps. But it seems that the devistation of the Water Wars happened in way too short of a time span. For North America to be so dry and desolate and rationing at such limitations, it would seem that none of the children, not even those in their late teens, should be able to remember when the water was in ample supply, rivers were a norm, as was rain.The story also seemed rushed. I felt like so much happened in such short period of time, that if two teens can get the help they did and do all that the did, that those in control of the water are weak and could have been toppled many times over.I found the characters to have a lack of character. There was really nothing that made any of them stand out. To me the greatest "scene" in the story was the dam being destroyed and the moments after Vera came to. If only the author could have taken the energy he put into that and carried it throughout the entire book and built up his characters, it would have been an entirely different review from me. I'm not saying don't read this, I'm glad that I did. But just don't expect to be wow'd.