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Glow (Sky Chasers)

Glow - Amy Kathleen Ryan You may think this is a love story, but to me it's a story of survival of the fittest. It's labeled as dystopian, but I would consider it more science fiction than dystopian. The story starts off as a love story. Waverly and Kieran are boyfriend/girlfriend on a ship headed to the New Earth. The are among the oldest children on the ship that disembarked some time ago. They are miracles because there was a time when the women struggled with fertility. Quickly the story changes. Their ship is boarded, than attacked, by the other ship headed to New Earth. Most adults are killed, trapped, etc, the girls are taken and the boys are left. The story continues, Waverly's experiences and Kieran's experiences. Both are pushed to the edge, but neither give up. At the end of the book, a change has occurred that will put their relationship to the test.Why 3 stars? I had a hard time getting in to the story. The story itself is interesting, a twist, but it read in a monotone way. The action didn't grab me and make me want to keep reading. I wasn't expecting where the end went, but for this story, I don't feel that's a good thing. The sequel comes out this summer. I will pick it up to see where the author takes it. Who knows, maybe the outcome of that book will result in a better rating for this. Sometimes that happens, hoping for a "Ah Hah" moment.