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Partials - Dan Wells In this dystopian tale, humans are a dying breed. Once populating just about every area on earth, they have dwindled down to tens of thousands, living on Long Island. A company had years prior engineered an almost total replica of humans, called Partials. They looked human, but never aged. They were given tasks that most humans did not want to do. Eventually they mutinied on humans, breaking free from being servants of humans. A virus was introduced to the human population. A virus that only a few survived from some type of immunity. No family was left intact. And in almost 12 years, even with babies being born nearly every day due to the Hope Project, no baby has survived outside the womb.Kira, a medical intern, has seen enough babies die. Has seen enough mothers cry. Has seen enough dreams die along with it all. She wants a cure, and this book is her story on her search, her own private war, to procure a cure.This story was extremely slow at first, but once all the back story of what, why, how, etc is told, the story finds its footing, grabs hold of your attention, and doesn't let go.I found myself feeling Kira's feelings. The despair, confusion, anger, disappointment, desperation and more. I found myself wondering what kind of life it would be to live the way these humans are. Wondering if I could be strong enough to have child after child to only have them die. What it would be like to have this thrust upon my childen who survived the Partials War. Dystopia is one of my favorite genres and this book is up there in the top 5 of my all time favorites. I look forward to the continuing story in book 2 of the Partials series, titled Fragments. I do not look forward to having to wait until 2013 to read it though! UGH! Enjoy!