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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion For those who don't like stories about zombies or feel that it's a story that's been told over one too many times, this book is for you. A twist on the zombie aspect, one of a world where they think of more than eating brains, don't just drag themselves across the road, one where there is feelings of pain, loss, friendship, duty and hope.R is called R because that's all he remembers of his name. He figures he must have worked an office job, because he has been in the same clothes since he can remember, a suit and tie. None of the zombies remember who they were before they changed, nor how they changed, nor what happened in the world to make them the way they are. They do not just grunt, many, especially those that are in the earlier stages, can say three or four words at a time. They joke, or try to. They have a duty to the newly changed to show them how to feed. When they eat a persons brains, they get hit wih memories of that person. It's like a buzz to them. This is where the story takes off. R feeds on the brains of a teen boy. This boy is in love with a girl Julie, who is also in the midst of the zombie attack. R grabs her and takes her to his home to keep her safe. In the mean time R slowly eats the rest of the boys brains, getting more and more of his memories, and finds himself wanting to protect Julie more and more. While all this is happening, a change is also occuring within the zombie population. One of hope and renewal. Will this connection be the cure for zombies? Will R live to make peace with the human population? Will zombies find a place in society?I've never read such a book that made me root for the zombie. Yes, there was plenty of ick factors thrown in here and there, and a few head scratching moments, but such an original story! A friend of mine on Facebook posted the movie poster to this book and I decided to check it out and I thank her for doing so! This book will leave you happy and excited for zombies everywhere. Fist pump for zombie love!