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Monument 14

Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne The day starts out like any other. Kids heading to school, parents heading off to work when suddenly the skies open up and huge chunks of hail create complete chaos. This is the story of children, ages Kindergarten through High School, whose lives went from being normal to living the unknown.Shelter is found in a big box store for the riders of two school buses. Within days they experience not only hail, but a world being changed by natural disasters. A volcano blows which play havok with the natural order of things and causes a dominoe effect. Tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. The kids in the store have limited information of what is going on outside. They are located in Colorado, but are in the range of more destruction when nearby NORAD has a breach and military chemical agents have reached not only the air but the water supply. I found the story a bit rushed, what was progressing inside seemed almost an entirely different timeline than what was happening on the outside. I also found it interesting that even though the securiy gates were blocking the entrances that nobody on the outside found a way in. Desperate people will do desperate things. The story plays over 12 days, but it felt so much longer than that.The story has the potential to be incredible, but it just seems to fizzle when you would expect it to explode.