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Swipe - Evan Angler In a future US, where there has been a fracture with the states and the whole country has gone through a governmental change there is now a Mark system. Those that are Markless are either under the age of 13 or are what society feels are the unwanted. These unwanted have, for whatever reason, chosen not to go Marked. What is the Mark? It's a digitized system, placed into your arm that allows you the freedoms to vote, work, etc. Okay, so it's big brother watching you. But being Marked is considered what upstanding citizens have done and that it allows the country to be in balance.The story starts off with Logan, who's 2 months shy of turning 13, therefore 2 months shy of being Marked. He feels he's being watched. Enter Erin, she is Marked and she has moved to the town where Logan lives because of her fathers government work. Erin discovers what her fathers job basically is, without him telling her, she is turns realizes that the person the government, in this case DOME, is after is the person who has been following Logan. Why? They aren't sure yet. To complicate matters worse, when they do get some good info, Erin decides that they sleuth it out themselves instead of notifying the higher ups. When they do get involved, there is a distinct shift in the story. There is also a revelation that not only makes Logan shocked, but will also throw you into going wha-wha-wha?There is action, jealousy, conspiracies, kidnappings, etc all wrapped into this book. There are times the story lags, but keep on going, the pace will pick up again. For the majority of the book, you're biggest questions is why Logan? Near the end you get the answer, and after thinking about it you totally get it.There are many books out there that you think, this could/would never happen, but this is a book that has a story that you could see happen so it really hits home.The second book is available, it's titled Sneak with the 3rd book, Storm, expected in May of this year. I've got to see where this story goes, especially with the majority if the backstory done.