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Grass Is Singing

The Grass is Singing - Doris Lessing Ixeos…what is it? It is Earth, but not like the Earth we know. Our houses are there, the Statue of Liberty is right where she should be, but the humans are under the rule of an alien race. How to get there? Chosen, exactly how is not known, are brought in by tunnels. Tunnels that close behind you and bring you into the world of Ixeos. You can travel throughout Ixeos in these tunnels, but you will not find your way back to your home. A scifi tale, full of twists and turns, unknowns, adventure and history. I have to give it to the author, [a:Jennings Wright|6450269|Jennings Wright|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1347563502p2/6450269.jpg], she knows her history. Not only will you be drawn into a tale that finds you at first going whatever, to an oh, that’s pretty cool; you will learn some history that is far from boring. Are you thinking right now, history, ugh? Don’t. You will find yourself wrapped completely in this story if you just go with the flow.We have a group of older teens, who go from a lazy summer day of fun in the North Carolina waters to becoming part of a group who is on their way to helping the rebels win the cause again the alien race, call the Firsts. They go from unappreciated teens to heroes. As you read, you see the changes occurring in them, the feeling that they do mean something in the full spectrum of life and that they do have a purpose and your visualization of the characters changes with them. Along with them, we meet an array of others chosen, like them, without notice, giving up everything they once knew to fight for what is right.When I first started reading this, it didn’t really grab me. The characters seemed to accept their fate way too easily. As the story progressed, I didn’t really think about that anymore. Some distraction throughout though is the dialogue. A little rough in places throughout, but all in all it does not distract from the story. Items that have been left around, but are still working, just don’t seem to jive with the story, but again, the story whisks you away and you’re onto something else.Ixeos, which was provided to me for an honest review, is the first in a trilogy. I’m interested to see where the story goes to from here. A few questions have been answered, but just as many, if not more have surfaced. Who is Landon? Where did he come from? How come he can travel to the outside world, but nobody else can? Will those who have been brought into the tunnels be able to go home, ever? If they do go home, will it be like time had stood still, or will they appear months/years after being taken away? Are there traitors in their midst? So many questions. I’m ready for book two!