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Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi This book centers on a world of those that live inside and those that live outside. Those inside have become dependant on their eye piece to place them in different realms. They fear what is on the outside. They fear the storms and sicknesses associated with the outside. Their realms, which is a high form of virtual reality that we only dream of, keeps them controlled and from being bored. Those on the outside are considered savages.In this story, Aria is attacked by a group of boys which in turn gets her thrown outside because one of the boys is the son of a higher up. She is scared but also confused because she figured she wouldn't last 5 minutes on the outside without getting sick. She meets up with an Outside, Peregrine aka Perry. She is known as a Dweller by his kind. She is relying on him to help her find her mother, and he is hoping she can get him to his nephew, who was taken by the Dwellers. Dangers lurk around every turn. Cannibals and violent energy storm hinder their way, along with the fact that Aria has never had to deal with such harsh conditions a day in her life previous. Together they become allies and as their rocky friendship grows stronger, so does other feelings they have for one another.A unique story blended with the usual fair girl gets in danger, finds a hero, and can't seem to stay out of danger story. I didn't feel the chemistry between Aria and Perry which in turn didn't make this a page turner type of story. There are many who really liked this book, but I'm not one of them. I will read the next one though.