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Forgotten - Cat Patrick The story grabbed my attention from the beginning. At first I thought, not another journal book, but than saw it was so much more. Thank goodness!London drew me to her. I felt such compassion for her. Living each day not remembering the previous but through her notes. In some ways it reminded me of the Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler movie "50 First Dates" minus all the comedy.To experience the moment you meet your true love every day, to have that tingling feeling daily, that I envy her. To not remember even basics such as what she ate/wore, etc, I don't. To see future events, did have it pluses and minuses. But to realize that some of the bad she saw could be changed by things done beforehand gave her back some of the confidence her affliction took away.Luke....what can I say....who doesn't want someone like him? Yes, he should have told her from the beginning about their past, but she should have told him from the beginning about herself. London's mom..wonderful woman. Strong. Enduring. Loving. Always on the lookout for her daughter, sometimes to a fault, but as a mother I understand why she did what she did.All in all, one of the better books I've read in a long time. It would be interesting if the author would come out with a sequel. I would really like to see what becomes of London's future. I think she lives a long life with her love. I think she managed to change that future memory.