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Untitled (Lux, #5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout So....society has come down to the Scored and Unscored. Just about everywhere you go, there are "eyeballs" that watch you and computers that decide if the way you act, who you hang out with, etc move your score up or down. The Unscored are considered the lowbies. No college education for them, and all hopes of a good job are nonexistant. The Scored want the high numbers. The higher the number, the more opportunities for them. In comes Imani, well scored, working hard to keep it that way, until her best friend does something that negatively affects Imani. Yep, the poor girl is found guilty by association so her score plummets. Now we introduce Diego. High school bad boy, unscored, but wanting to let society know that being unscored doesn't mean being stupid. A writing contest opens up the two to a "secret" mutual project. Both want to win it, and together they agree to assist one another. Between secret meetings, some unknown backstabbing on more than one person's part, nearly getting caught at times, etc, they come to a conclusion on the scoring system. If I wasn't determined to get through this book, being that I read it after reading a recommendation by Scott Westerfield, I probably would not have finished this. The pace is pretty much monotone, character developement lacking, and the gnawing feeling of a rehashed story line almost made me ready to use this book as a projectile. Finally, near the end, it picked up and the story zoomed to an ending. Now I was really wanting to start flinging something, because now I wanted more. Don't drag me all this time to suddenly get brilliant. UGH!!!!!