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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington Embrace is the intriguing debut novel of author Jessica Shirvington. A fresh, unique story of angels, half angels, and the fight between good and evil. This story will take you on a rollercoater of emotions.Violet finds her world turned upside down on her 17th birthday. Things never thought of being real have found a way into her reality. Her world has been tossed upside down. She feels betrayed, confused and unsure of what is real and what has been covered up. Violet finds herself being faced with a choice, one forced upon her as a baby but hidden away until now. Placed in her being when her mother died in childbirth, and now waiting to be embraced.Her friend, Lincoln, who Violet has trained with for some time, is found to be more than just a friend. Their meeting not being accidental, his purpose not for friendship, but as a protector and trainer for what was to come. But in some ways, his feelings have failed them. Violet is forced to deal with the fact that she is something more than human. She must decide if she will embrace what she is and fight in the war against the exiled angels, or turn her back on them and be hunted by them just for being felt as a threat. The time for her decision becomes more forced when Lincoln is seriously hurt, and she must make it through the journey before she can truely be embraced.Throwing everything into a tailspin is an exiled angel that comes out of nowhere but provides Violet the courage to keep going. Feeling betrayed by Lincoln, she finds a friend in Phoenix. She finds someone she can confide in, someone she can share her emotions with, someone she gives herself completely to. But what is the cost?So what happens? Well, readers, this is for you to find out. I can state that you will not be let down. So why not 5 stars? I felt a bit more explaination of angels and the angel realm would have been helpful. Readers, before you start, and while reading, be sure to check out the Angel Hierarchy chart at the end of the book. I feel this would have been more helpful at the beginning. Something to bounce off of once in awhile.This story is great for anyone who likes paranormal romance, angels, the fight between good and evil, and anything to do with Lilith. I can't wait to read the second book in the Violet Eden Chapters series, Enticed!