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Hex Hall (Book 1)

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins Okay. I've picked this book up and put it down, I don't know how many times. Got it from the library in both hardback and ebook form, but never read it. Finally, being this months pick it pushed me to read it and I'm so ashamed I didn't read it sooner! This book came at me from left field and I couldn't put it down!Hex Hall, which is short for Hectate Hall, is a school for "shape-shifter, witch, and fae children who have risked exposure of their abilities." In other words, they did something that showed normal humans what they are. Sophie Mercer is sent because of a love spell gone terribly wrong. This was the final straw. Once admitted to the school, the student is not released until their 18th birthday.Sophie, a product of a warlock and a human, doesn't feel very special. Her spells come out all wrong, everyone seems to be against her, and she winds up rooming with the lone vampire on campus. Soon she finds why all the teachers are hard on her, and that vamps aren't really so bad. She also finds herself the target of the campus coven soon after she rejects their attempts to have her join. Mysterious deaths and attempted murders spring up. A ghost has a special interest in her, the campus hottie becomes more than her cellar detail partner and her world starts to make some sense. But just when she thinks she is getting somewhere, something pulls the rug from under her feet and she's thrown into confusion again. You will find yourself wondering why this is classified as a demon book. The first part is all witches, vampires, etc. Don't worry, you will be shocked when Sophie discovers the demon. But not before your shocked about the source of the deaths.This book was a true page turner for me. I couldn't put it down and when I had to, it was close by so I could start right back up. I recommend it to anyone who loves a classic witch story, along with the demon aspect of the supernatural world, combined with a campus setting. I enjoyed the combination of all the supernatural types thrown into having to interact with each other on a daily basis.