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The Selection

The Selection - Kiera Cass What first attracted me to this book was the stunning cover. What I recommend is the stunning story behind that cover. A light, fun read that is full of romance, mischief,the excitement of new friendships, and the heartache of love. The time is the future. Not only has the US been bought out by China, but Russia has also tried to invade and failed. Society is no longer Upper, Middle, Lower Class, it is now castes with the royal family and such being a One, while the bottom of the line is Seven. The amount of education given depends on the caste, the type of work you do depends on your caste. Being a Selected directs you straight up to Three, while your family stays where they are unless the Selected becomes the One, than the entire family jumps with you. The story reminds me alot of The Bachelor. 36 girls are selected. They go head to head in competition for the Princes favor. As time goes on, the numbers dwindle down. America Singer didn't want to enter, but pressure from family and from the boy she loves, made her do it. Of course she's one of the 36 selected. There really wouldn't be a reason to put her in the story if she wasn't going to be. Quickly she finds herself in favor with the Prince, but as a friend not as a love interest. Or is there more to this? Things happen, conflicts occur, and America isn't sure what is what anymore.I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the next to come out! I recommend this to all. It's not a hard read, it's not a serious read, but it is fun, full of hope and an all around good time. Not to read it would be to miss out on the party of the year!