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The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern 3.5 stars First off, the cover...I don’t know about everyone out there, but since this book came out I have been turned off by the cover. I’ve picked it up, put it down, again and again, because unfortunately I couldn’t get past the cover. Some may find this picky, but I like to be truthful. Come on, those bookies out there know what I’m talking about. Okay, I’m getting past that and to the book. This book has been everywhere lately. On blogs, book club lists, paper and online reviews, etc. It seems that everywhere you look, there it is. Magic? Could be. When a book is so everywhere, I’m also a little nervous about putting time into it. Am I falling into someone elses hype? Is it a case of following the crowd? What if I spend all my time reading it and than get seriously let down. Am I the odd one or is everyone else covering up a book gone bad because they are embarrassed that they too followed the crowd? If you like imagery, this book is chocked full of it. You can feel yourself there, you can see the world around you, it’s almost like you can touch the characters. But a part of me still didn’t get the full effect. Again, the imagery was wonderful, but I just didn’t get the whole Celia and Marco chemistry. The relationship just seemed so underdeveloped and overly lengthy. The characters lacked depth to them. The time shift could get a bit annoying which in turn makes the book a bit choppy. But, get through all that and just let yourself get to the story and you will find a prize inside. Yep, even with all my moaning and complaining I found that the story itself to be imaginative, genuine and I would love to go to a circus like that! Not the modern Barnum & Bailey, but the kind you think of when watching The Wizard of Oz.Would I read this again? Probably so. There has been so much going on this month that I feel that I possibly may have been too stressed with reality to give this book the fair attention it deserved.