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Origin - Jessica Khoury It's been about an hour since I finished Origin and I'm still feeling the effects. A present day story of an immortal girl, a mortal boy, people who are not what they seem, and the inhumanity of it all.Born and raised in a small scientific base in the jungle, Pia can't wait to be part of the Immortis team. She is the only living immortal and becoming part of the team means she will be able to start making more of her own. A mate she can live forever with. On her 17th birthday, she finds a way off the base. See, she's never been anywhere but there. She doesn't know of the world. She doesn't even know there is more out there than the jungle. Pia thinks she knows who and what she is. This night is the beginning of the truth and the start of the end of decades of death and lies.The story started off slow. I was starting to think that maybe this way going to be a book of hype with little follow through. Thankfully this changed. When the story started to flow there was no stopping it. I found myself wanted to protect Pia, wanting her to understand life and love, wanting to take the bad from her surroundings. There are shocking revelations in the story. Some that will sadden you, some that will surprise you, some that will haunt you. In the end, you will be satisfied with a story told well. A debut novel by Jessica Khoury. I can't wait to see what surprises she has up her sleeve with her future writings.