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Cinder: Book One in the Lunar Chronicles

Cinder - Marissa Meyer What first attracted me to this book was the unique cover. First you see the bright red show than you noticed the metalic interworkings of the leg. I knew this was going to be an intersting read.Cinder...So loosely based on the Cinderella story, that it's not a remake, it's just a really good story whose main character, Cinder, has some family characteristics and interactions with royalty that make you think of the Disney story. This, readers, is no Disney story.Cinder, a cyborg, who went through something so traumatic as a child, that she has lost all memories of that time. Cyborgs are considered about the lowest of the social classes, if a class at all. Her stepmother keeps her around because she's a good mechanic and brings in money from fixing things. A fatal disease has spread throught out the world. One with no cure, and those that are diagnosed with it are basically sent to an unknown location and left to die.Cinder meets up with the prince of the commonwealth due to her mechanical skills. She keeps her cyborg parts well hidden from him. As time progresses, he seems to fall for her, even as the Lunar queen has her sights set on him. No, not for love, but to become the empress and rule not only the Moon but also the commonwealth and eventually the world. Cinder wants to tell the prince, but hey, she's kind of stuck. How do you tell someone something like that easily? As time goes on, she finds herself submerged in the world of the disease, in the world of Lunar, wanting to do nothing but escaping from it all, while having allegiance to the prince, to end up face first in it all and unsure of what more she learns.This is not a book to pass up. It's intelligent, creative, page turning, and packs dramatic punches again and again. If you want to be awed, I recommend this fully.