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Article 5

Article 5  - Kristen Simmons Proves once again that one person can totally screw up your life, even if you've never met.Dystopia society. Wars have raged and the Bill of Rights has been redone into The Moral Statutes of the United States of America. The world has changed and along with that everyone's basic freedom's have been stomped on and changed. The USA has become extremely conservative, with the ideal that a whole family is one man, one woman and their children. It has become illegal to be a single parent. This is where our main character Ember Miller comes in. Even though she was born before it was illegal for a woman to have a child out of wedlock, her mother has been arrested for that very reason. Ember finds herself thrown into a rehabilitation center, which she cannot be released from until she is 18, which is in 5 months. She wants nothing more to get out and find her mother. In this toss is the constant presence of the governments military. To make matters even worse, the boy she is desperately in love with, is part of that military. As you can imagine, the military at this point is one of souless discipline. Will this boy, Chase Jennings, find a way out of that regime and back to what he was? Will she ever find her mother?This story is nonstop action, heartache, heartbreak, despair and hope. The author has created a story that will suck you in and you will not want to let go even after you have read the last word on the last page. I found myself feeling Ember's feelings along right along with her. You will meet characters that you want to protect while others you want to beat the living tar out of. This is a book that you will not want to put down.