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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne This was the most emotional book out of the three for me. Maybe because it was the last one and it covered so much. Peeta..Peeta..Peeta..always getting the short end of the stick. When you think it can't get any worse for him, it does. Gale...strong, confident, but in the end has had enough.Katniss...she deals with so much in this book. Finding her identity, finding her weaknesses, unsure of what is going on because she's left in the dark so many times, at the end coming to many conclusions, but not too late, and tragedy finds her again and again. Does she find love? Yes,but with who would be a spoiler that I'm just not sharing...read the book! Who is a rebel and who is a capitol? Lines will be crossed, some surprising. Characters who we have wondered about will return.Kinnick and Annie...a love story full of tragedy. You will find yourself wanting to protect them.So many different threads going on in one books and Suzanne Collins pulls it off. You may find yourself not liking the book,but that's the beauty. It's because you are so emotionally connected to the characters that you feel this way. That's what storytelling is supposed to be. That's the sign of a truely great masterpiece. When the last word was read, I felt so emotionally drained. I wanted to cry, but felt that I was too drained to even do that. I recommend this series for all, not just Young Adult. This is a series that can get people reading again that haven't touched a book in years.