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Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, Book 1)

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead After all the posts I've read about the series, I thought the first one was going to really be a winner. Unfortunately it just didn't do it for me.So many characters to remember who was who and did what and when to whom, ugh! Super drawn out back story to boot. Once the action got going, about 85% into the book, it got a whole lot better, but just a bit too late for my taste.Rose is a likable character, strong teen with a whole lot going on. Lissa, a bit annoying, but likable in the dark depressed kooky way. Dimitri, the older Russian mentor, who is sexually appealing in the way those that we can't have but admire from way too near are. I do see promise with the series, so I will read the next book. A vampire story unlike the popular ones making the rounds. Good vampires, their guardians (who are part vampire/part human) and the really bad vampires. Plus good vampires who really are bad in their own special way. Teen love, teen hurt, teen drama.....