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What's Left of Me: The Hybrid Chronicles, Book One

What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang The cover of this book caught my eye long before it came out. As you read the first few pages the meaning really sinks in.You know how you are born, one soul, one name, one life? Well, this book puts a big twist on being human. In this book we are all born with two souls, two names are given to us and eventually the dominate soul takes over while the other disappears. Normally, this happens by the age of 10 or so. For those whose souls don't "settle" and one does not disappear, they are termed a hybrid. Part of the world is hybrids while the other part is not, and the two sanctions are at odds with each other. Wars have been going on and in this story, hybrids are the bad guys.This story centers around Addie and Eva. These souls share one body. Nobody knows about them. Everyone thinks that only Addie is present. If anyone found out different, they would be sent away, institutionalized, never to return. That is until another hybrid confronts them. Even though Eva is still there, she hasn't actually moved their body in about 3 years, only Addie has had that capability since than and neither souls thought that would change. The other hybrid lets them know that there is a way for Eva to regain full functions. From here things find a way of going awry. Slowly they are found out by higher authorities. Soon after that they are institutionlized. The horrors they face, the lives they see changed, the truth they find out bring them closer to the end but also closer to those that want to help.The story was a bit slow to start, but surprisingly with all the additional souls you learn it wasn't hard to keep track of who was who. A twist on the prejudice many have faced through the years, be it race, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, this story is completely unlike others. The action really kicked into high gear once Addie and Eva arrived at the facility and the ending reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, which is one of my favorites. I look foward to the second book in The Hybrid Chronicles, Once We Were, which is to be released the end of August of this year.