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Reconnaissance - Aubrie Dionne

From what I’ve read, this book picks up where the first book left off.  To me, this book can be read as a standalone.  The author did a great job in giving a story separate from that one but also giving info where needed to keep the reader up to speed with prior happenings.  Will I go back and read the first one?  Yes, because enough of that story is given, without giving too much, that it struck my interest immediately.


The characters that the author created have spunk.  Nova, who the book is about, is stubborn as a mule, but as the story going on you feel her insecurities, jealousy, disappointment plus her hopes, dreams and possibilities.  She’s a creature of habit that learns quickly that she is part of her own undoing through her actions and words.


The love story is one that many of us have dealt with ourselves.  Being in love with someone who loves someone else.  Through the dangers that have them together, the couple learns to put that aside and be able to trust one another, count on each other, and work together to get out of the danger and finish the mission.


This book is YA science fiction at its best.  You are grabbed by the story from the very start, you connect with the characters, you experience the horrors of the alien race and feel like you are right there in the story itself.  Science fiction is not an easy genre to write, it’s very easy to go off course of the story with too much information, too much fantasy infused details, etc, but this author has nailed it.


I recommend this to any lover of science fiction, be it hard scifi or mainstream or campy like Starship Troopers (which I have seen more times than should be humanly allowed) and feel that this would also be a good read for anyone adventuring into the scifi genre for the first time.

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