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Every Shattered Thing - Elora Nicole Ramirez
Where to start?  When I went into this book, I knew Stephanie had issues.  I hadn't realized until I started reading just how horrible they would be.  As the story really started to unfold I couldn't help but feel an attachment to the character because one of my childhood best friends had been a victim of rape at the hands of her stepfather and had tried to take her life as a teen, thankfully unsuccessfully.  He had really messed her up mentally and emotionally and just reading what was going on to Stephanie felt like a punch in the gut and had me seeing things as an adult that I hadn't really fully understood as a teen.  
The author, Elora Ramirez, creates for the reader a story that unfortunately could be a story ripped from the news.  I don't know how the author got through it without crying all over her keyboard as she wrote it.  When you think things can't get worse for the main character, Stephanie, BAM they do.  Luckily she has people who are there for her, that she knows are on her side but the betrayals run so deep.  The betrayals, many and some completely out of the blue that it's hard to catch your breath because the heartache you feel for Stephanie and those around her just don't stop.
I suggest anyone over the age of 15 should read this book.  It gives you an insight on things that you hear about, but this puts more of a reality into it.  Even though it's fiction, you will learn things about people that you may not want to know about, but you should.  You will find yourself reading this and unknowingly learning to recognize some of the signs of sexual abuse and hopefully what you learn you will never have to deal with, but if you do, you hopefully will be able to provide help to the person who needs it.
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