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Visited - Janine Caldwell
Having read past books of Janine Caldwell, I was more than happy to receive a copy of this book from her in exchange for an honest review and I thank her.  When the opportunity arose at the same time to participate in a blog tour for this book, I was more than eager to join in.
This book was a different direction than her Vortex Trilogy.  Instead of time travel outright, it's a twist on the whole watch what you wish for.  Like her Vortex Trilogy, the supernatural aspect is pushed more to the background allowing for the bigger story to come through.  Yes, there is more than one story going on here.
The story has potential from the start.  The first few chapters are spun with a master storyteller flair.  The story picks up even more, showing the changes that have suddenly taken place and the effects on Joanna.  Unfortunately, the dialogue is a bit strained, the behaviors a bit erratic, the climax falls a bit flat and the ending just didn't satisfy me in the way it should have. 
The story give you a look at the what if answer of Joanna's life.  What if she wasn't super tall?  What if she was dating her best friend?  What if her mother didn't remarry?  What if all the things she wanted changed were changed?  It makes you think.  What if the things you wished were different actually were?  Would it all actually be a positive change?
Perfect for the 13-16 age range, I find myself wanting to group this particular book in Christian YA fiction instead of mainstream YA.  I do feel that those in this age range who like contemporary fiction mixed with a bit of the paranormal will enjoy this book and will entice them to read further books from the author.
Source: http://wordtodreams.blogspot.com/2013/08/review-visited-by-janine-caldwell.html