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Unique Take on Werewolves and Goddesses

Lunacy  - R.A. Sears

A big thank you to Nevermore PR for supplying me with a copy of this book, from the author, for an honest review.


When I first started reading I hadn’t really looked into the synopsis.  I totally loved the carefreeness of Kacea, the edgy parents, and the open knowledge that even though life looks one way doesn’t make it such.  The author gave perfect descriptions of all the characters and surroundings.  While reading, you didn’t have to second guess what you were “seeing” or “hearing,” which was refreshing.  From the normalcy of high school to the hardcore underground music scene to the extreme of having globs of everything gross exploding all around, R. A. Sears left the reader satisfied and possibly a bit queasy.  That was ok with me though, a book that can do all that is a book well worth my time!


This take on werewolves and goddesses is quite unique.  You get a more human side of it all compared to the tear em ups that have made their way onto the scene.  You learn the person before you learn the supernatural side of them.  You feel the curiosity, shock, realization, and the evolution of themselves along with them. 


I have to give this book only a 4 star rating though.  There were some inconsistencies of the story that had me rereading paragraphs to see what I had missed, to come up empty handed and the whole Kacea and Jynxx discovering who they really are and what they can do, at the same time, seemed a bit far-fetched.  Plus, both were just way to calm for what was going on.  There should have been some kind of holy hell breakdown before the ok, dealing with it part.  Oh, and honestly, the parents whatever response to their daughters sexual experience was so not the norm. 


Usually I’m not big on the whole chest thumping of males, but I truly enjoyed the tension within the pack and the fights that ensued.  The whole smelling thing got a little old, but hey, they’re werewolves, and with that the whole smelling thing is part of them. 


I would love to hear Conner’s story.  There seems to be a lot to him that was left untold.  I found him more interesting and entrancing than Jynxx.  I don’t know if I was supposed to, but I did.  I look forward to seeing where the author takes the story and the characters and eagerly wait to find out.





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