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Empyreal Illusions (The Inferno Unleashed #1) - Jake Bonsignore

It’s been awhile since I read a YA fantasy novel like this.  The worlds that Jake Bonsignore have created are truly original.  He can write from one extreme i.e. the downtrodden land of Purgaire to the next, i.e. the magical world of Araboth without skipping a beat.  I thank him for providing me a copy in return for an honest review.


Reading this book was like watching a movie.  The effects were not lost because the imagery is presented to you in a way that gives you guidance on what is being seen by the characters but also allows the reader to expand on that with their imaginative creativity.  There are not many books like this.  Even though you were flipped from one POV to another, it didn’t feel strained and the stories flowed seamlessly.


The raw emotions throughout this book pulled me through the ringer.   The hell that Breena lived with due to her mother’s drug habit was described in such a way that I could feel her personal struggles, her pain, her loss, her anger, etc.  The loss of G­albrecht Atalir’s family was a nightmare nobody should ever have to endure.  The evil monster that had changed both of their lives forevermore was portrayed in such a way that I felt a darkness envelope me as I read about him.  The internal and external battles that were fought had me from start to finish.


I recommend this book to anyone you likes a good fantasy novel with bits of every type of emotion under the sun wrapped into it.  Plus there is mystery, suspense, revenge, hope and renewal that packages this book into a fantastic read.  The cover drew me to the book, the writing sucked me right into it and I look forward to the next book in the series and any other writings of Jake Bonsignore.